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Jeffrey Alan Gordon is a sought after visual artist based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. With a love and passion for music, JAG has spent the last 4 years shooting and editing music videos, live concert footage and epk's for musicians of all genres across winnipeg and manitoba. JAG's work has led him to collaborate with many of winnipeg's top commercial and non commercial videographers, which allows him the opportunity to explore many different genres of videography, including: Film, Commercials, Music Videos, T.V Pilots, Weddings and more. 

JAG is known for pushing the limits during his shoots, and doing whatever it takes to get the right shot. Whether its hanging out of a helicopter, going up in the Santa Monica Pier roller coaster, or lying in the middle of the highway, JAG's creative juices are always the driving force behind his shoots. 

JAG is not only known for his extensive shooting history and creative edginess, but also for having the ability to manage a high volume work load and completing his work with passion, grace and a honed attention to detail.